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Processing Unit of Organizational Behavior

As a way to introduce us in the behavior, we will continue developing this visualization of the organization as a system. We will find, then, that the elements or inputs start interacting into what we will know as "Processing Unit", which is the ambit of the company itself.


The most obvious aspect of the behavior is that the individuals speak, work with their hands, sit down and think, stand up and walk, etc. So by the mere visualization of the acts of each person we can see if they reflect, for example, how tired he is, if he is worried for some kind of overwhelming work and it could happen that that person has the need to to leave his area of work to go speak with friends, etc.


People not only act but also act in relation to other people. Also, the individual who is a gregarious being looks for opportunities to speak with his co-workers about other topics which are not part of the formal communication the company requests from him to do his work correctly and which is what is allowed to him by the boss and the formal rules.


As the individuals act and also receive actions from other individuals, they develop feelings on what they are doing, about what is done to them and about the people with whom they have a relation.
The individuals who are together tend to form, generally, definitive feelings, each one of them about the other, which can be positive or negative. These feelings have influence on the form in which the person acts in relation to those with whom he works.

Way out or Result of the Organizational Behavior

If the Organizational Behavior is positive and functional, the result of the interaction of the elements or inputs and of their demonstration through the behavior shows as a result or way out of the system the following:


This is one of the elements that can be measured in a quite objective way, since the productivity is the relation between the quantity of products or services generated by the company and the costs that obtaining them implied.

Amount of Products or Services

PRODUCTIVITY = Total Costs/Satisfaction

The satisfaction is a subjective aspect, since it is felt by each one of the employees. However, as we will see further on, there are quite precise methods for its measurement, analysis and evaluation.


We will remember that the objectives of the Organizational Behavior lie on achieving the development of each individual who is part of the company, along with the development of the working parties, and in short, of the whole organization.


As a good management norm, control must be done in each instance in the process of the system. Therefore we will control the elements or inputs, the processing or behavior and the way out.


As a result of the control we will obtain valuable information, whether it is about positive achievements of the system or about un-functionalities of it. The feedback process allows us using that important information to, in every moment, make decisions about the confirmed corrections or deficiencies and about the strengthening of the positive results for the system's functionality. For example, the individual and group satisfaction has effects of feedback on the system. Satisfied individuals tend to increase their productivity, to have a greater performance and to stay in the company. Satisfaction then enters again into the system and is functional for its stability. - Business Management - Business Administration


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